Past Projects

On Hold: Insights from the Inbetween

YouTube, May-June 2020

During the decidedly unstimulating period of the UK's first lockdown, we devised and produced On Hold, a two-part series of short original monologues created by local writers and performed by up-and-coming actors.

Each episode of On Hold can be viewed on our YouTube channel, which you can access by clicking the video links to the right.

A Few Short Studies on Cannibalism

Portland Works, 7-11 November 2019

A Few Short Studies on Cannibalism is a new play by James Huxtable. Emerging company Only Lucky Dogs return from the success of Beaker's Place (Edinburgh Fringe 2018, 4* from EdFringe Review) and Mack Ribbe is Going to Die (DINA, 2018) with a brand new drama.

In Northern Ireland, three short stories are tied together by the unresolved death of an up-and-coming musician in a darkly comedic exploration of morality, religion, and eating other people.

Mack Ribbe is Going to Die

DINA, 8-10 December 2018

Mack Ribbe is a detective who doesn't play by the rules. When he stumbles upon something suspicious, a conspiracy begins to unravel that will take him to places he never expected. There's only one problem: Mack Ribbe is going to die. But can you see it coming before he does?

Devised by writer and director Michael Saliba and the cast themselves through improv, slapstick, and the shameless bastardisation of action movie tropes, Mack Ribbe is Going to Die promises to be a brutally hilarious take on the classic detective drama.

Beaker's Place

TheSpace on North Bridge, 3-25 August 2018

Beaker's Place is an original dark comedy written by James Huxtable and directed by Michael Saliba.

Beaker is the meticulous owner of an illegal body disposal service in the cellar of his pub. Deeply affected by the recent demise of his cat Paul, he decides to take his own life. However, at the crucial moment, he receives one last urgent delivery. Anxious to complete his own departure, Beaker is shocked when the bag begins to move.